Free WiFi for patients in Leeds GPs

Patients and healthcare professionals visiting nearly all of the GP surgeries in Leeds can now connect to the internet using free WiFi.  This will allow people sat in waiting rooms to have secure access to emails, as well as being able to browse social media and web content for example NHS Choices and current affairs.

Patients, visitors and staff can connect to the internet using their digital devices, including computers, tablets and smart phones and can be reassured the service is secure and reliable. This meets the government’s drive towards providing free WiFi in NHS buildings across the nation and NHS England have funded the initial cost of the service.  The two remaining surgeries to install the free WiFi service is due to be completed by March 2017.

There are two key audiences that will benefit from free WiFi – families and business people. People waiting to see their GP can now stay connected to work more easily and while visiting the practice, for example sending and receiving emails.  Families with children can use the WiFi to access online media and games to keep children entertained – which can be very helpful if the patient is not feeling at their best anyway.

Dr Hector-Goma, GP Partner at Allerton Medical Centre said, “We are thrilled that our practice can offer free WiFi to our patients.  It is also proving very useful to our visiting healthcare professionals, for example community midwives, as they can use the WiFi to access their midwife clinical system, saving administration time.”

Free WiFi in GP surgeries also meets Leeds City Council’s ambition to be a digitally-focused city where free Wi-Fi has been installed and used in more than 100 council buildings, including libraries, museums and leisure centres.

Councillor Rebecca Charlwood, Chair of the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “Access to free WiFi in GP surgeries is another big step towards meeting our ambition is for Leeds to be a modern, digitally-focussed city. I am very pleased that not only staff, but patients and visitors will also benefit from connecting to the internet in GP surgeries across the city”


Notes to editors

  1. The Leeds Informatics Board, a group of clinicians and senior managers from across health and social care organisations in Leeds, oversees the informatics work within the city.
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