Leeds GP’s Quick to Adopt Electronic Prescriptions Instead of Using Paper


Leeds GP’s quick to adopt electronic prescriptions instead of using paper

GPs in Leeds are quick adopters of the national electronic prescription service (EPS) making prescribing and dispensing medicines more efficient and convenient for patients and NHS staff. 100 GP practices in Leeds (over 95% of 104) can digitally send prescriptions directly to the patient’s preferred pharmacy through their own IT system, removing the need to write paper prescriptions.

Patients are now able to collect their repeat prescriptions from the pharmacy without the need to visit the GP practice.  It also means that patients don’t have to worry about losing their paper prescription, making the process safer and more secure.

The benefits for GP practices are clear, dealing with prescriptions has become more efficient, with greater control so GPs are spending less time dealing with prescription queries.

Pharmacies who dispense the medicines are also noticing that the process is easier which again has meant they are spending less time sorting through paper prescriptions and there is an added perk of improving stock control.

Simon Ottman, GP partner at Rutland Lodge Medical practice in Leeds commented, “Within the practice we have saved significant time arranging prescriptions for our patients, allowing us to spend more time on care.  It has also meant that our patients don’t have to visit the practices but can collect their medicines from their preferred pharmacy.  The service is more reliable, secure and confidential because paper prescriptions don’t get lost.”

GP partner at Hillfoot Surgery, Dr Paul Maddy, added, “It enables us to offer patients that are on holiday (within certain areas) the chance to pick up their prescription whilst away by just changing the nominated pharmacy.

David Broome, Pharmacist at Stancliffe Pharmacy and member of Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire said, “Community pharmacy teams in Leeds welcome the opportunity to make more use of technology as part of local NHS systems. The move towards the use of an Electronic Prescription Service covering a larger number of the population will help improve patient care by bringing more consistency to the prescribing and dispensing of medicine.”

Nationally, NHS Digital hope that EPS will eventually remove the need for most paper prescriptions across the country, whilst they continue to progress the technology to drive savings and improve the safety of prescribing medicines to patients.


Notes to editors

  1. The Leeds Informatics Board, a group of clinicians and senior managers from across health and social care organisations in Leeds, oversees the informatics work within the city.
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