What is a CCG?

We are led by GPs and nurses. We work together with patients, communities and GP practices in north Leeds to ensure that the right NHS services are in place to support people and help improve their health and wellbeing. We call this commissioning.

CCG’s work with patients and healthcare professionals and in partnership with local communities and local authorities. All GP practices within the Leeds area belong to a Clinical Commissioning Group.

In Leeds there are three CCGs covering the city:

NHS Leeds North CCG has a “Council” of members as its core decision-making body. The Council is made up of representatives of each of the 26 member GP practices. It meets every two months so practices can discuss and agree how to tackle health issues affecting their local patients and communities.

This union of GP practices ensures that participation is at the heart of everything we do. Our member practices make sure that they are representing the best interests of their patients as well as the wider communities in which they are located.

Each CCG has its own role to play in addressing the health needs of its local populations. At Leeds North CCG we strongly believe we can do this only with the involvement of our member GPs.

Updated: 26/10/16