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NHS Call to Action Leeds: Join the debate

People in Leeds are being given the opportunity to have their say on the future of the NHS by taking part in an honest and open debate called Call to Action.

Why do we need to have this debate?

This animation from the NHS Confederation provides a helpful summary of the key issues affecting the NHS and why we need your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to shape the NHS of the future to meet these challenges.

The three clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Leeds – NHS Leeds North CCG, NHS Leeds South and East CCG and NHS Leeds West CCG – are inviting local people to take part in the national debate about how health services can be best delivered now and in the years ahead.

It is part of a national debate to ensure that the NHS is ready to face the challenges of tightening budgets, an ageing population and an increase in demand for services.

There are four key areas the NHS needs to focus on:

  • Improving quality of care that people receive;
  • Meeting everyone’s needs;
  • Maintaining financial sustainability and;
  • Building excellence now and for the future.

How you can get invovled

  • Make sure you have your say on the future of the NHS by completing our online questionnaire.
  • If you would like a paper-based version of questionnaire please click here or we can send one out to you if you call us on 0113 237 4508 or e-mail:
  • You can also access an easy read version of the questionnaire that explains a bit more about the call to action. You can fill in the document using the 'Typewriter' tool and post back to us using the address given.
  • If you use Twitter why not feedback your thoughts and follow the debate by using #LeedsCallToAction.

Drop-in event - Wednesday 27 November at Leeds City Museum

We held a drop-in event on Wednesday 27 November at Leeds City Museum in Millennium Square, Leeds where we gave you the opportunity to meet senior managers and commissioners from all three clinical commissioning groups in Leeds. In addition, representatives from NHS England, the NHS organisation responsible for allocating the NHS's £90 billion budget were at the event and answered all of your questions.

We will be listing comments that were made at the event soon.

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